TTS Shipping is an shipowner company established with the decision to consolidate the vessels owned by the long-standing Kuzey-Star Shipyard under one roof. Located in Istanbul, TTS Shipping aims to maximize the efficiency of its commercial connections by providing high-quality technical services with its highly skilled technical team and world-class shipyard facilities, not only for its own vessels but also for the vessels it provides technical services to, through early detection and swift resolution of potential technical issues.

Company Safety & Quality Policy

TTS Shipping’s environmental conservation policy aims to secure sea safety, prevent harm or loss to individuals, establish a healthful and secure workplace, and specifically prevent harm to marine environments. This policy has been developed in compliance with both national and international standard. The aims of this policy also include fostering and sustaining a healthful and secure workplace, enforcing operational conditions that mitigate environmental pollution, and adhering to national and international statutes and guidelines to guarantee the secure functioning of all type vessels.